Schoenstatt Fathers Nigeria

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Youth ministry

The focus of our pastoral care for the youth hinges on our Father Founders’ call to form a free and firm personality for the transformation of the modern society. Our pastoral method focuses on education and formation of each individual to live its unique and original personality as given by God. Our approach also includes the deepening of the truth of our catholic faith, as well as the fostering of prayer and the spiritual life through Schoenstatt’s spirituality. This spirituality includes:

  • Belief in God’s loving, wise and fatherly providence, which guide and directs our lives.
  • The awareness of our baptismal covenant, which is secured and deepened through the covenant of love with Mary, the Mother thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt.
  • The reality that each person is given a unique mission by God, and is therefore called to be an instrument in his hand for the renewal of the world in Christ through Mary

In all, through Schoenstatt the youth have an opportunity to develop, deepen and integrate our catholic faith to everyday life. Here in Nigeria, the Schoenstatt youth group is already in existence and growing. As fathers, we have special pastoral care for them and the future really looks promising!