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When in Doubt go to the Library-J.K Rowling

Welcome to the Library:

The Schoenstatt Fathers community in Nigeria has two houses of formation, the scholasticate house in Ijokodo (housing philosophy and theology students) and the novitiate house in Eleyele, both in Ibadan, Nigeria. While there is a library in the Novitiate House, it does not have so much research and resource materials, except Schoenstatt and spiritual books, because of the secluded and contemplative character of the novitiate time and formation. The major library is that of the Scholasticate House in Ijokodo which will be basically of service both to the philosophy and theology students and the Schoenstatt Fathers who could always employ it for their ongoing formation and research whenever they come around.

The students of philosophy undergo a 4-year degree-awarding studies in the Seminary of SS. Peter and Paul, Ibadan, affiliated to the University of Ibadan or at the Dominican University, Samonda, Ibadan, while the students of theology undergo a 4-year degree-awarding studies in the Dominican Institute, Ibadan, affiliated to the Angelicum University Rome, and the Seminary of SS. Peter and Paul, Ibadan, affiliated to the Pontifical Urban University, Rome. Presently, the Schoenstatt Fathers in Nigeria have 29 priests, 25 philosophy students, 15 theology students in Ibadan, and 10 brothers in the Novitiate. The library is aimed to be at the service of these students and our fathers as well as concerned Schoenstatters who want to study some key Schoenstatt texts.

Though the library has always existed as an important facility for the attainment of the study and mission goals of the Community from inception, it was nevertheless more of a collection largely unorganized in the modern way, manually operated and with an uninviting reading space and furniture. The library was planned to have books, journals, and resource materials in the areas of philosophy, theology, psychology, religion, Schoenstatt spirituality and the humanities. It was initially intended to serve 20 students, but as time went on, the number of the students increased. Thanks to the Blessed Mother Mary who always inspires willing instruments.

In 2019, the current Rector of the Scholasticate, Fr. Dr. Charles N. Ozioko, ISch, with the help of the Community and a grant from the Foundation ‘Aid to the Church in Need’, Königstein/Ts. Germany,upgraded the library, both structurally and through the provision of new collections, library resources like complete descriptive cum subject cataloguing, classification, the creation of an Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) domain and five new computers for easy access to the E-library. The library engaged the services of a team of experts who within a record time have turned it around to a world class library and information resources centre. The library has been registered online to enable cooperation with other libraries in Ibadan, the environs, and the world in an era of resource sharing.With the remodelling of the library, the users now have access to sites and information on other library databases in the world.