Schoenstatt Fathers Nigeria

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Family ministry

The Schoenstatt movement takes up the responsibility for the family in a very unique and attractive way. According to Pope Francis, “Living together is an art, a patient, beautiful, fascinating journey. It does not end once you have won each other’s love…rather; it is precisely there where it begins! The married life has to be renewed each day.” The family is the core of the society. Schoenstatt pays special attention to the care, protection, and education of families. As a domestic church, the family plays an important role in the social, religious and moral renewal of our world. Hence, the family is an important cell of the society.

The work with couples and families is essential to the Schoenstatt movement. Several initiatives within Schoenstatt support and provide care for family relationships. Activities for the families include regular seminars, retreats, and conferences with subjects related to marriage and married life. In order to strengthen married life and love, couple and families have other activities like the couple retreat, Hometalk, the celebrations of Anniversary, Masses, family mission and pilgrimages, courses on pedagogy of marriage, seminar and guidance for the divorced and separated women.  As Father community here in Nigeria, we are readily available to offer this pastoral care for interested couples and families within our pastoral jurisdiction.