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Library Access


To access the Schoenstatt Library website, the user should take the following steps:

  1. Search for Schoenstatt Library Ibadan on the Internet, using either the computer or handset.
  2. Once on the website, register the registered email address and password.
  • The website displays the following options:


 Catalogue, Search   


Database, A-Z

Top Collections

 My Account

 Ask a Librarian

  1. To retrieve a book or any other library material, click on search catalogue.
  2. Click onDefault and the menu displays Title, ISBN, ISSN, Author, Call No, Publisher, Tags, Category, Subject, Abstract and Description. Click on any clue you have about the book sought and the details of the book will be displayed if found.
  3. Copy the call number of the book to lead you to the exact location on the shelves.


The library rules and regulations are to be observed by all categories of library users:

  1. Noisemaking is not allowed in the library. To this end, making and receiving phone calls in and around the library are prohibited. Defaulters will be sanctioned.
  2. Personal bags and wares other than laptops and books are not allowed in the library.
  3. Food, beverages, and water are not allowed in the library.
  4. All book loans must be returned at the expiration of the loan but could be renewed for another five days.
  5. Any loan default will pay a fine of 100 Naira per book per day. Failure to timely pay the fine will make the defaulter automatically lose the borrowing right.
  6. All library books and other materials must be handled with care. Any user that damages or defaces a library material will be required to pay 80 percent of the replacement cost.
  7. Any user that loses a library book should report immediately to the Librarian. Such a user will be given a two-week grace to find and return the book in good condition. If the book is not found within the period, the user will be made to pay 100 percent of the replacement cost at prevailing market prices.
  8. Every library user must get clearance from the library before leaving Ibadan either on completion of studies or transfer in the case of the formators and other Fathers.
  9. There should be no reading on the shelves. Library books should be taken to the reading desks for use.

                           LIBRARY SERVICE HOURS

The library is open to use by the students and their formators for 24 hours daily. Outsiders and other Reverend Fathers can only be allowed to use the library. Other Schoenstatt fathers and possible outsiders can only be allowed to use the library from 9a.m.-4p.m., Monday to Friday. The library will not be open to non-students at the weekends.