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Month: May 2020

Homily from Celebration of the Lord’s Passion, given by Father Cantalamessa

The Gospel reading we have just listened to is the account of the objectively greatest evil committed on earth. We can look at it from two different angles: either from the front or from the back, that is, either from its causes or from its effects. If we stop at the historical causes of Christ’s death, we get confused and everyone will be tempted to say, as Pilate did, “I am innocent of this man’s blood” (Mt 27:24).

The Cultural Day Celebration 19Th January 2020

Africa is indeed rich in culture and we try to preserve our cultural heritage. This day the 19th Of January 2020, the Study House of the Schoenstatt Fathers Ijokodo Ibadan celebrates her cultural day celebration. This availed the brothers and the worshipping community the opportunity to showcase their various cultural identities and attires. It was…

The Matriculation of our First Year Brothers 11th March 2020

On the 11th of March 2020, eight of our first year Philosophy brothers studying at the Seminary of Saint Peter and Paul Bodija Ibadan, had their matriculation ceremony. This event took place in the seminary auditorium and it was anchored by the seminary formators and some academic Staff from the University of Ibadan. We wish them…

Reception of the Auxilium Pilgrim Mother 16th February 2020

Through the Instrumentality of Fr. Reginald Ibe, currently working with the Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay, a group of women sponsored and donated the Auxilium Pilgrim Mother Campaign Picture to the Schoenstatt Movement in Nigeria. The picture came from Santa Maria in Brazil, the original place of John Pozzobon, a catholic permanent deacon and the starter…